Friday, Nov 22nd

The Night Before

9:00 PM – Karaoke Welcome Party!

Kick the weekend off with a bang at Ellis Island Casino [Click here for a MAP] for the best karaoke party in town! Ellis Island is just off The Strip at the intersection of Koval Lane and Flamingo, and the karaoke party takes place in the casino’s lounge.

One requirement — you must sing a karaoke song if you choose to attend. You can sing backup in a group, or hog the spotlight to yourself. You just gotta sing!

And don’t arrive too late. The Bride needs her beauty sleep for the big day, and you just might miss her singing Katy Perry.

Saturday, Nov 23rd

Wedding Day

2:15 pm – Buses Depart the MGM Grand

Two buses will depart the MGM Grand at the main entrance/valet area at 2:15 pm sharp. The ride to the wedding venue takes 25 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

It takes A LONG TIME to get anywhere on the Vegas Strip — by foot, Uber or Taxi — so please arrive for the bus by 2:00 pm at the latest

3:00 pm – Arrive at Wedding Venue

Enter the beautiful Revere Clubhouse with views over the strip and walk down to the ceremony site. You can also catch a ride down the hill to the ceremony on a provided golf cart shuttle.

3:30 pm — Ceremony

Watch two rad people get hitched as Vegas, crowned by red snowcapped peaks, sparkles in the distance.

4:00 pm — Cocktail Hour

Enjoy hor d’oeuvres with your favorite cocktail, beer or wine while watching the sunset.

5:00 pm — Reception

Plated dinner of your choice served in the clubhouse.

6:30 pm — Dancing!

Party time. Open bar. Vegas lights come to life.

10:00 pm — Buses Depart the Revere for the MGM Grand

Two buses will shuttle guests back to the MGM Grand… where the party will continue if you have the stamina!

11:00 pm-ish… — Hakkassan Nightclub

We have a table reserved in the MGM’s biggest nightclub for Lasers, DJs, and dancing until the sun comes up.

4:00 am-ish… — Stumble to Bed

Navigate the labyrinth of the MGM Grand in a daze from the best night of your life.

Sunday, Nov 24th

The Hangover

9:00 am — Breakfast with Carrot Top!


Just kidding…. Close the blackout curtains. Recuperate. After that, you’re on your own. We’ll be on our way to The Maldives. See ya, Pizza!

And thank you for joining us on our special weekend!